Spiderman Batman Birthday Party

March is a busy month for us when it comes to birthdays. Both of our boys were born within a year of each other. Since they hang with the same crowd, we always  just have one party… but we try to make it ONE BIG ONE!

I wasn’t surprised when they requested a Spiderman – Batman party this year. The love for those two characters has already lasted well over a year (if anybody has an idea on how to get them into cute cowboy costumes next Halloween, please shoot them my way! lol). It was so much fun planning their party together with Jen from Little Bear Events, even-though our house was in limbo for a couple of weeks with all those crafts etc. However, the happy smiles on my kids’ faces were worth every minute of it.

I knew that I wasn’t able to host a kids party with 21 kids plus parents in our home, so I was really glad to have found Little Sports in Maple Shade. What a fantastic and fun place. I big high-five to the staff, I could not have been happier with them. They were extremely helpful and patient – from greeting the guests, to setting up, cutting the cake, and carrying the gifts to the car,… I wouldn’t have to move a finger if I didn’t want to. The best of it, they were adorable with the kids. Such a fantastic place.

Here are some things I did for the party:

  • Cape and mask. I found the capes at Target and just glued (fabric glued) a black felt spiders on the back of them. I found the spider template HERE. As far as the masks go, I used a template I found online HERE. I just sewed them together and added an elastic band. I made sure to make the eyes a little bigger than the template HERE suggested.
  • Spiderman bag – I used this spiderman head I found online and printed it on red card-stock which I then glued on a paper brown lunch bag. I used the bag to put the cape and mask in for the guest to receive at the beginning of the party.
  • Batman treat bag – I just used a plain black bag and  glued on a batman logo. I stuffed them with batman tattoos and batman/spiderman crayons.
  • Personalized water bottle printable  – Pinkadotshop on Etsy
  • Personalized snack bag printable – Pinkadotshop on Etsy
  • Lollipop cape printables – Pinkadotshop on Etsy
  • Spiderman cookies – Jen made the fantastic cookies which we all helped decorating. We more or less followed this tutorial.
  • Batman cupcakes – Jen from Little Bear Events made these cute and super delicious cupcakes with the cookie batman logo topper.
  • 2 cakes – store bought

Thanks a million to my super creative friend Jen over at Little Bear Events. She is the Queen when it comes to putting together fantastic events. She is not only a sweetheart but also an outstanding cook and baker. She truly has a gift for throwing a marvelous party, make sure to give her a call if you need help with your next party! Thanks for all your help and suggestions!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these pics as much as we loved taking them!